How to Play

Playing with Lake District Giveaways couldn’t be easier! Follow the simple steps below and you could be on your way to winning one of our amazing prizes for you and your family.

Step 1
Select the competition you want to enter!

Step 2
Complete your order and receive your tickets via email

Step 3
Wait for the live draw and see if you have the winning ticket

Fancy one of our prizes for you and your family? Great! Follow the next steps to enter!

Select how many tickets you would like.

Some competitions you will be able to choose your own numbers and some will be undertaken with a lucky dip.

Once chosen you can choose to pay via Cardstream (our payment provider), Online Wallet or if you’ve completed a postal entry you will have a coupon you can use to enter.

Watch out on our Facebook and Instagram for information about our live draw. As soon as the winner(s) is announced they will get an email confirmation and will be contacted to receive the prize straight after the draw has finished.

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