Dawn's milking it with £10,000 instant win


A quick phone scroll to delay the dreaded weekly food shop landed a dairy farmer with a £10,000 win.

Dawn Cowperthwaite, who lives near Melkinthorpe, scooped the instant win on her first ever Lake District Giveaways entry.

Speaking of the day she won, Dawn said: “I needed to go food shopping but really couldn’t be bothered, so I did a little browse on my phone and it popped up with Lake District Giveaways.

“I thought ‘I’ll put a ticket on, one ticket’. Then it came up on my phone that I’d won, and I thought ‘no, that can’t be right.”

Mum of three Dawn took a screenshot and sent it to her husband, Chaz, who didn’t see the message straight away. By the time he did, Lake District Giveaways’ Tom was already in the farmyard, ready to present the couple with the cheque.

Over the moon”

Dawn, 37, said Chaz had entered a few competitions with Lake District Giveaways previously, and was “over the moon” with the win too, especially as they decided to put funds towards a new car, a Subaru Impreza.

They’d previously had a Subaru and had always wanted another since selling it years ago, so are delighted with their new “summer car”.

Dawn, who’s originally from Long Marton, has been inundated with “I want” requests from her three children, and also plans to hopefully take the family away on holiday abroad, possibly to Majorca.

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